Arpayge | Bureau d’études, d’architecture paysagère, d’urbanisme et d’aménagement du territoire.


Located on the outskirts of Ath, this new 5.2-hectare neighbourhood project comprises a mix of 175 housing units, flats, two- and three-family houses and local shops.

Arpayge was called in by Matexi to draw up the master plan and give a quality landscaping dimension to the project for this new district, in order to obtain the urban development permit.

The urbanisation was organised around the existing stream, part of the blue and green mesh of the project and the landscape thread. Grassed rainwater infiltration basins were created along the stream.

The project includes facilities and equipment designed to make this site a friendly and pleasant place to live: a public square, roads, soft links, a playground, ecological green spaces integrating water management and differentiated management.

The green mesh is designed so that the green spaces, gardens planted with hedges and trees help to avoid the phenomenon of heat islands. They constitute a living space for biodiversity.

Location: Ath (Belgium)
Developer and client: Matexi
In collaboration with BEL architects and BES surveyors
Project implementation: 2013-2014