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7. GARDENS of the new THEODORE MONODS’s College

Contest won in 2005 for the construction of the new Theodore Monod’s College. The Northern Department, responsible of 200 public colleges, thinks that the future of children is built at the college.

That’s why the Department decided to give to the students the best learning conditions; by providing nice, functional, safe and well-equipped spaces. The Theodore Monod’s College is a ‘High Environmental Quality college’ (HQE).
It gathers responsive and wellbeing technologies. The college has the capacity to accommodate 500 students.
It includes educational garden and green spaces with 3 themed gardens : a shoreline garden , a forest garden, a garden for the teachers. All the works were managed with a great respect for the environment and for biodiversity.

Location : Roubaix (France)
Project ownership : Conseil Général du Nord
Project Manager Mission
Client : ZIG ZAG Architecture
Realization : 2006-2010 Construction 2008-2009