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Competition for the construction of the school complex won in 2008. The Briand Buisson Nadaud  school complex welcomes nursery and primary teaching and support at school.It is equipped with a restaurant, with offices for the administration and with accommodations provided with the job. Situated in a district in transformation along the ring road and along the subway near the CHRU hospital centre it is about a vast project containing rests of existing buildings, relocations, restructurings, a rehabilitation and an extension. Some existing trees were able to be preserved. New high stalk trees were planted as well as islands of vegetation on the square and in the yards for the contrast of the vegetation with the lines of buildings. In front of the maternal classes a flowery meadow welcomes the insects and brings touches of colors to spring. Compared to primary classes a kitchen garden in chessboard allows the learning and the knowledge of the feeder plants. In spite of the density of the built this vegetation in connection with the urban plant meshing brings a part of biodiversity in this mineral environment.

Location : 7, boulevard Eugène Duthoit in Lille (France)
Public project ownership : City of Lille
Our mission : project management service
Contractorship :  ZIG ZAG Architecture, Pericaud, ETAC, ETR, Strate