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In the centre of the village of Bierwart, the Bâty is both a green space and a public area, crossed by a regional road.

The aim of the project was to improve the living environment of the citizens and to increase the attractiveness of the village centre.

A real transformation was carried out to make this place welcoming and diversified. A leafy hedge was planted on both sides of the road to structure the space and to give privacy to the green spaces. The existing maple trees provide beneficial shade in summer. They have been preserved and enhanced. Beddings of perennial plants, grasses and flowering shrubs have been planted to increase the plant diversity and aesthetic interest of the site. In hot weather, these green spaces are real islands of freshness in the centre of the village.

Street furniture such as benches, tables and games have been installed so that the inhabitants can reappropriate these green spaces. Accessibility to public transport has been improved by the development of pavements along the regional road and around the bus stops. Bicycle stands complete the system for users of soft modes of transport.

Location: Bierwart (municipality of Fernelmont)
Public project owner: Commune of Fernelmont
Project author mission
Project implementation: 2018-2020