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The study relates to the spaces of the West Center of the Coulée Verte of Reims (350 ha) located in the middle of the urban area of Reims.

The project aims at the requalification of abandoned spaces  and of waste lands into green spaces for leisure and sport. The spaces dedicated to the family gardens, a living tradition in Reims, are preserved and integrated in the middle of this vast green space. A regulation is written to improve their operation. The marshy grounds and the alder plantations are preserved as elements of regulation of the phreatic water-table of the Vesle and the biodiversity of moist environments. Some grounds in urban fringe are urbanized in the continuity of the surrounding districts and devote space for the connection with La Coulée Verte to it. Footbridges and a bridge are intended to break the cuts generated by the motorway, the railroad, the channel which cross this site. This study was realized in collaboration with the Services of the Administration of Reims Metropolis.

Location : Reims, Champigny, Tinqueux (France)
Project ownership: Reims Métropole (Communauté d’agglomération de Reims)
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