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Landscape study for the municipalities of Cerfontaine, Florennes, Gerpinnes and Walcourt.

The landscape study was realized for a landscapes valorization project in the ‘Entre- Sambre-et-Meuse’, this project is financed by the European program for rural development ‘Leader +’ in which the municipalities of Cerfontaine, Florennes, Gerpinne and Walcourt are involved.
This study implies the cartography, the recommendations, the landscape plan, the prioritize fields of action for landscape in this 4 municipalities (44.000 ha, 46 villages).
This project is part of a main programme for the development of local resources of the territory of the Local Action Group (GAL)

Location : Cerfontaine, Florennes, Gerpinnes et Walcourt (Belgium)
Public project owner : Groupe d’Action Local de l’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse
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