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Plan of reorganization of the bassins of decantation of Solvay to Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre.

The plan of reorganization of the bassins of decantation of the factory Solvay to Froidmont and their accesses was developed within the framework of the study of incidences of the renewal of the license to operate. The plan of exploitation plans successive side extensions of the bassins of decantation. Photomontages were realized to show the evolution of the visual impact of these side extensions. A plan of reorganization of the bassins and their accesses in the course and in the end of the exploitation was developed in association with the biologist Monique Vancraenenbroeck. Situated along an dead arm of the Sambre potentialities exist for the development of natural sites adapted to these particular grounds.

In collaboration with Monique Vancraenenbroeck, biologist.
Project ownership : Solvay (Solvic s.a.)
For : Vinçotte Environment s.a.