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CHEOUX – Dairy

Realization of the plan of landscaped integration of the cooperative dairy of Chéoux ; rural Ardens village. Integration / visual Impact.

This dairy is situated in the small rural village of Chéoux. The coexistence of this industrial factory with the village and in particular the local residents raised problems at the same time of visual impact, noise and traffic of tank trucks. The plan for landscaped integration of the dairy of Chéoux was realized within the framework on request of renewal of the license to operate. It identifies and localizes plantations to be realized to decrease the visual impact of the factory towards the village, the local residents and improve the landscaped integration of the entrance of the factory out of the public space.

Location : 6, rue de Lavaux, 6887 Chéoux (Belgium)
Project ownership : Laiterie coopérative de Chéoux