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The City of Fleurus wanted to improve the appearance of these two cemeteries and was looking for a solution to reduce the maintenance of the gravel paths, following the ban on the use of chemical weed killers.

It was an opportunity to put nature back into these particularly austere places and to improve the welcome, both to improve biodiversity and the visual and landscape quality, as well as to encourage remembrance.

The entrances were fitted out to make them more welcoming. The paths and gravelly interstices between the graves have been sown with flowering grass or sedums depending on the location. The development of the Wangenies cemetery was completed by planting trees in order to structure the views and, in the long term, to obtain plant volumes. The wars veterans plot has been completely redesigned and greened in both cemeteries. Benches and water points have been installed in each cemetery.

Location: Wangenies and Vieux-Campinaire (City of Fleurus)
Public contracting authority: City of Fleurus
Project author mission
Provisional acceptance of works: 12/2018 and 02/2019