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The site of the extension of cemetery is a former forest site of high forest. The extension is designed under the shape of a landscaped cemetery with the aim of  its integration in the site and to insure the transition of the existing cemetery towards the forest.The improvement of the quality of the welcome of the deceaseds and their close relations is an objective of the project. The cemetery contains an area of reception and gathering, a lawn of honor, areas of graves, an area of graves for children, a lawn of dispersal of ashes, a colombarium and a tree of the memory. Areas awaiting graves are turfed and planted by trees. The limit of the site is planted by a shrubby border with the aim of the integration in the nearby forest.

Location : Municipality of Ham-sur-Heure Nalinnes (Belgium)
Public ownership project : Municipality of  Ham-sur-Heure Nalinnes
Mission : author of project
For : Michel Molnar, Landscape Architect